About us

We are an independent family-run bakery and café. We are driven by passion for excellent, healthy food. Therefore, we emphasise the importance of using only the best, locally-sourced ingredients and original recipes, which take our customers back to the roots of Polish cuisine.

We handmake our strudel from scratch in our kitchen and bake them every morning in our bakery. The dough is hand-made and prepared strictly following the tradition Galician recipe. This ensures delicate, pegamine-like pastry hiding generous amounts of sweet or sour fillings.   The strudels are always sold out on the same day so you can be 100% sure they are super fresh. 

We have designed our restaurant ourselves with no compromises so that you can sit back, relax and slowly savour the flavours in our elegant but informal interiors.

We believe that visiting our bakery will let you relax, stop, or at least forget about, the ticking clock regulating your busy day and focus solely on savouring our delicious strudels in the decor reminiscent of our beloved historic Krakow circa 1920’s. 

We hope to see you soon, 


Latte / 12 pln

Cappuccino / 12 pln

Americano / 10 pln

Espresso / 6 pln

Double Espresso / 8 pln

Tea, wide selection of / 8 pln


Coca-cola / 5 pln

Sprite / 5 pln

Sparkling mineral water, Perlage / 6 pln

Orange juice / 6 pln

Apple juice / 6 pln

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